Transcription of the Heanor St Lawrence registers 1837 to 1894


Please read these notes carefully before proceeding.

Transcribed and indexed by JOHN WRIGHT

My thanks to the many people who checked and verified the contents

In transcribing this register, I have tried to maintain full accuracy. I have not altered any entry, and have left even the most obvious mistakes as they were. Where there was insufficient space in any column, I have included a NOTE NUMBER in the Remarks or Abode column.

Please check all spellings, there are four possible spellings of the name BERESFORD for instance. They MAY be separate families, but they may be errors on the part of the person who wrote the details down.

The following numbers were used twice, and so have two entries relating to them.
205 433 529 701 to 710

The following numbers were missed and so have NO entries relating to them.
910 to 999

Entries ceased to be numbered after page 203, so all pages after that have the entry number set to 0000.

The word ILLEGITEMATE only appears in this listing if it was actually used in the register. There are a number of entries where no FATHERS name was given, these entries have a single dash (-) entered. There a number of entries where the fathers is entered, but has been crossed out but remains legible. These have been entered in brackets ( Fred Bloggs)

Where ages or dates of birth are given, these have been entered in the remarks column, or in the notes to follow. Only information given is entered, e.g. 'BORN 1876' or '27 JULY'. An age given as AGE 2Y10 means 2 Years and 10 Months.

Where there is doubt as to the contents of an entry, I have included a question mark (?), BEFORE an entry means that it is little more than a good guess, and consultation of the original document ( at DERBYSHIRE COUNTY RECORDS OFFICE MATLOCK ) is recommended. If the question mark is AFTER an entry, it indicates that it is readable, but made no real sense at the time of transcription. Again reference to the original document is recommended. There are not many doubtful entries, the book being generally very well written.

There are a number of 'MARGIN SCRIBBLINGS' in the register, and they are listed under MARGIN SCRIBBLINGS. Any scribbling that relate to a particular entry are contained in the notes following and are numbered in the main index

Whilst every care has been taken in compilation and checking of this transcription, no guarantee can be given for its total accuracy, it has been checked many times and by independent people. If in doubt, consult the original document.

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