1) Full Christian name is HERBERT WILLIAM WATSON BOOTH

2) Full Christian name is MARY ANN BOOTH WATSON


4) Full Christian name is WILLIAM CHARLES STAFFORD

5) Full Christian name is ANNIE CLARA STAFFORD

6) Endorsed in margin at 1011, 1012.  "Since making these entries, the mother of the children has stated that her name is ELIZA BRIGART not ELIZA BRIDGET, see entries 1020/1/2" 1022 has DOB as 5/6/1858.

7) Entry 1097 has twins on one entry

8) Entry 1124 is endorsed "BOSKETT OR BESTWICK" an entry has been made in each name.

9) No Christian name is entered

10) Full Christian name is MATHEW WILLIAM BESTWICK"

11) Trade is endorsed "Brazier formerly of the 19th Highlanders"

12) Full mothers name is ADELINE FRANCIS HENRIETTA. DOB of children given as 23/5/1868. Endorsed "First in Codnor Church".

13) Entry 1276 endorsed in Right Margin " This entry should be in the name of KIRK instead of ASKEW. DOB entered as 17/1/1869. Entered in transcript as KIRK

14) Entry 1301/2 have no parents names.

15) Entry 1408/9 endorsed "Twins born 27/3/1871"

16) Christian name entered as "RACHEL + ANN" so could be twins

17) Abode endorsed "Being travellers, have no fixed abode, but have given St Johns Wood London as a reference".

18) Page 217. Entry for BARKS has no Christian names for child or parents.

19) Endorsed in margin on page 237 "All those baptised on MARCH 21 were over 21 years of age".

20) Page 248/9 endorsed in margin "Adult Married Women"

21) Page 248 entry for ANN STIRLAND endorsed "Now Mrs CROSSLEY" Child age 7 years

22) Age 10 years, surname endorsed "Now NOON"

23) Full Christian name is EDITH CONDTANCE VALENTINA. Born 1875

24) Full Christian name is LOUISA ELIZABETH ALAITHEA. Born 1876

25) Full mothers name is MARY PHILLIPA SUSANNAH

26) Full mothers name is GEORGINA ROSA STENSON

27) Page 355. Entry for WAGSTAFF has no child or parents Christian names and is endorsed "Private"

28) Full Christian name is WILLIAN KENNETH MELVILLE

29) Full Christian name is WILLIAM CHARLES STAFFORD

30) Trade entered as "School attendance officer"

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