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Page 68 At number 541 "Seven Omitted, but inserted at No 546"

Page 191 "1875 August 29 - Sydney Enoch Gething. Son of William and Eliza Riley - Baptised at Troual Church by Charles Hudson Rector"

Page 241 "At EMU BAY TASMANIA, on June 14th 1886. Gerald Frederick Coyngham, son of Conygham ??? Geo. CORFIELD. Late rector of this parish, and Henrietta his wife"

Page 266 "On Jan 1st at BALALE N India, Egarton  Frederick Aaron, son of Egarton and Ethel CORFIELD, born Dec 3rd 1887. Clerk in holy orders by Egerton Corfield

Page 310 "Sept 29 1890. Bernard Conygham, son of Egarton and Ethel Grace CORFIELD at BALALA Panjab"

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